1 Virtual Yoga Class - Drop In


We understand that some of you aren't ready to put yourselves out in the public or that you've become quite fond of your at home practice, which is awesome!  As such, we will continue to offer the virtual option.


During the pandemic, while the studio has been closed, we have offered and recorded many LIVE classes on Facebook.  We will continue to offer at least 1 class LIVE per week on Sunday mornings, and will try to upload new videos at least once a week. These will continue to be available in our library of videos on Facebook. 


In addition, this pass will cover unlimited ZOOM classes for a 30 day period.  We will be offering 3 different ZOOM practices (1 evening and 2 morning).  These are classes that you will need to sign into at a specific time. The great thing about the ZOOM classes is that they are LIVE and you get to actually interact with the instructor and communicate with others in the class either before or after the practice if you choose.


This is our suggested donation if you would like to drop in to one of our ZOOM classes or if you are taking one of our pre-recorded classes on Facebook.  We are also offering a "5 Class Virtual Pass" for $45 and a "Virtual One Month Unlimited" for $50 if you are taking several classes each week. 


Thank you!!

Virtual Yoga - Drop In