This class is an easy to follow flow of postures, with an emphasis on the breath.  Each teacher brings their own style to this class. Modifications and variations are offered to increase or decrease the intensity of the class.

All Levels Yoga

Return to or begin a "flow" practice. Focus on honoring the breath with this slower pace of movement. Energizing, as well as calming, you will move through short sequences of movements. Calm the mind and relax the body.  Perfect for experienced students looking for a slower pace or those who are just starting a yoga practice.

We recommend these classes for all of our pregnant yogis!

Gentle Flow

This class will help to build strength throughout the entire body, using arms, legs and core (that space between the hips and shoulders).  Combining abdominal/spine strengthening  poses with foundation balancing postures, with the use of props, walls, etc. so that everyone can participate and feel successful.  For beginner's and beyond.  Modifications given to accommodate all levels of fitness.

Core Strength & Balance

Practicing yoga in a heated room allows you to get into postures much deeper and more effectively, therefore, increasing flexibility.  The heat produces a fluid-like stretch allowing for greater range of movement in joints, muscles, ligaments and other supporting structures of the body. Your body also burns fat more effectively. Each class offers a series of yoga postures designed to cleanse and detoxify, to compress vital organs and manipulate blood flow to flush out unwanted toxins and to prevent clogging and blockages that can lead to disease.

Hot Vinyasa Flow 

With attention on the breath and the body, this class will take you through every muscle group and every joint within your body. Focus on one breath, one movement.  From sun salutations to standing flows and balance sequences, you will leave this class feeling refreshed and renewed. 

The Sunday afternoon flow class slows it down just a bit, with a slower pace and more modifications being offered.

Vinyasa Flow

This practice is all done on the floor, using various props to support the body for longer periods of time. We draw the focus inward for meditation, pranayama (breath) and mindful movement. Modifications are offered for the comfort and safety of all who participate regardless of physical limitations.

Restorative Yoga

Power Yoga is the perfect combination of mind, body & spirit.  Emphasis on focusing on what your body & mind will allow you in the moment. A powerful and effective yoga practice. Concentration on core/shoulder strengthening, and leg / hamstring flexibility.  Integrated throughout the class is breath with movement for a true mind-body-spirit connection.

Power Yoga

Class begins with a beautiful warm-up and breathing techniques, followed by a moderately-paced flow with dynamic sequences to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body.  We will move through the body’s full range of motion with standing postures, twists, backbends, forward folds, and hip openers, ending with a healing savasana. It is a stilling
journey that leaves you refreshed and restored to begin your weekend.

Total Body Yoga

This class is open to anyone and everyone dealing with addiction - their own or the addictive behavior of others - anyone in a 12 step program of any kind or who is in recovery from any type of addiction, whether you are just starting your journey or have been in recovery for even a short time to years and years.  There will be a 45 minute gentle yoga practice along with a 45 minute "share circle". Free will donations.


This class will be held every Sunday evening starting 10/6/19


Please call Kerry @ 413-834-7056 or Laura @ 860-466-0192 for more information!  

Yoga for Recovery

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2010 - present



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